Glossaries of terms used in the Convergence universe

Terms introduced in Skyrmion

  • sim – a 3D simulated environment
    spybot —a bot used for spying on people. These might be cyborg insects or programmed objects Inworld.
    subvoc —subvocalization. To speak inaudibly.
  • tasties —virtual food, programmed to excite taste sensations.
  • teleport or port or TP—to travel (nearly) instantaneously from one point to another in a 3D environment. In New Life it is recommended to use TP in public restrooms.
  • transluce —to set your ocs or citspecs to transparent or “real world.”
  • veejay or VJ—a virtual journal. Like a PDA, a very small computer used for taking notes or journalling.
  • virtual —a virtual is an individual who has had permanent ocs, aud and voc implants. They may also have modslot implants in the boney area behind the ear. Jolene is a virtual.
  • voc (pronounced voke) is the “mouthpiece.”  A voc may be fixed to a collar, necklace or body jewelry attached to the neck skin near the vocal chords or on a tongue stud. It may be controlled by sub-vocalising or by speaking normally, using a command protocol called vopro.  Old-fashioned pitters like Joe may still use a cell-like device for calling, but it connects in the same way through the grid. Also, office environments, like The Agency, may use stationary telephones, but they also interface with the grid.
  • vopro —vocalization protocol, a command language for grid devices. For instance, to make a “phone call” one says, “call ______ (number or name with pre-stored number).” 
  • zone – (v) go from one state to another— ie, reality to VR, one VR sim to another

Terms introduced in Degrees of Freedom

  • Schema — mental map of the copulas and paths of the Memories.
  • Sigil — Schema symbol indicating the location of copulas, actual physical places. Understanding the sigils is key to using the schema.
  • Cognate — mental connection between the sigil and the Marker, which allows the schema to be used in the actual physical world. Also one who knows how to read the schema and travel through the copulas.
  • Copula   a copula is a node consisting of (usually) multiple gates to other places in the physical universe. 
  • Marker — a marker indicates the path of a gate in the real world copula.
  • Path — the gate to another copula somewhere in the Memories.