The Universe

The Sweetland Universe

The Sweetland Quartet is a series of novels set in the universe of the Convergence. Other books, planned or in-progress, include the Carlee Morgan-Hicks Novels and The Convergence Novels.

The Sweetland Quartet

  1. Skyrmion — Book one of the Sweetland Quartet takes place in 2038.
  2. Degrees of Freedom — Seventeen years later, on Sweetland, two sisters are torn apart by war and displacement.
  3. Entanglement — Molly Whitedeer has arrived on Earth, in the midst of a struggle for the survival of humanity.
  4. The Uncertainty Principle — Molly and her cohorts must return to Sweetland with the tech to free humans from the terrible disease called the Saudades.

Carlee Morgan-Hicks Novels

The Carlee Morgan-Hicks Novels begin ten years prior to Skyrmion. They feature detective Carlee Morgan-Hicks, formerly of the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service, now relocated to Portland, Oregon.

  1. The Verge. A novel in progress set in 2028 just prior to the November elections. A cross-genre work, part near-future sci-fi and part police procedural.

The Convergence Novels (Molly Whitedeer / Mojhdleh roh Sejh).

A planned series featuring Molly Whitedeer and Mojhdleh roh Sejh as investigators for The Authority.