The Convergence

Planets of the Convergence

The Convergence

The Convergence consists of six primary intelligent species, spread out for hundreds of millennium over the galaxies of their home universe via a “highway” system built by a much older species, now gone and forgotten.  The Memories connect the worlds via copulas, or nodes, often hidden in dense forests. The Memories also permanently alter the DNA of species which come in contact with it, mediating communication, as well as physical reality.

The Six Old Worlds of The Convergence

nar Anjahr – translation: Daughter of Anjahr. A very conservative, aristocratic world. Family structure is matrilineal and based on polygamous creches where child rearing is done communally within the creche, under very strict rules.  Home of many of the Guardians, and of Mojhdleh. Home of several other characters, including Kahjeh, Ren, and Jovijh. It’s principle people are the nar Anjahri. 

Secondary worlds of the nar Anjahr are:

Moornal – A very urban, heavily populated world. Like nar Anjahr, one of the oldest worlds in the Convergence. It’s capitol city of Rocon is center of the Authority, a sort of United Nations of the Convergence. It’s original people are the Ysal. 

Secondary worlds of the Ysal are:

Cyz – Along with Moornal and nar Anjahr, one of the three oldest world in the C. Much more liberal than the other two, Cyz is said to be where the Assimilationists originated. These three worlds are rivals and produce many of the leaders of the Authority, coloring its complexion. Original people are the Omi. 

Secondary worlds of the Omi are:

Ryzan, home of Gahneer.

Mahdiil – Home of Juola, Mahdiil is also a very old world, densely populated, but newer to the Convergence than the others. Culturally, its people tend to be shy and inquisitive. It is an intellectual center and a major hub of the Convergence.  It tends to produce a lot of Travelers. The Pe’wan’skiili (the people) are the original inhabitants. 

Secondary worlds of the Pe’wan’skiili are:

Tongra – One of the more conservative—some would say reactionary—worlds of The Convergence. Along with nar Anjahr, it is the origin of many Guardians. It’s people are the Tongrari. 

Secondary worlds of the Tongrari are:

Barrash, the 

Naxqrei – The second home of the Qrei, whose original world was destroyed in a nova. Naxqrei (New Home) is considerably younger than the other old worlds of The Convergence. Conservative in their approach, the Qrei are very inquisitive and open-minded, often allying with the Omi. Despite their conservatism, the Qrei produce the most radical Assimilationists.

Secondary worlds of the Qrei are:

Tertiary worlds of the Convergence:

The majority of the 200 worlds of the Convergence are classified as Tertiary Worlds. This designation is not meant to be a ranking, although in practice, these worlds don’t usually have much clout in the Authority. These are “newer” worlds which mostly have small, pastoral civilizations, or had no living indigenous sentience at the time of discovery and have been colonized by the six.

Torzan (Sweetland): Originally “discovered” by the Omi, Torzan initially had an indigenous, pastoral, population which grew into a self-destructive civilization. Unable to live with the Memories, they expired in an orgy of suicidal acts. This “Abandoned” world became a testing ground for Omi Assimilationists, whose experiments led them to Earth, and an invitation to rebels on Earth to inhabit and build a new society on Sweetland. This was done in secret, with only the knowledge of a few Templars.