The Temple of New Life

The Temple of New Life

Precepts of the Temple

  • Chaos  —From Chaos we arrive and through Chaos we must exit. Chaos is the source of the well of creation, but it also that path which leads to Entropy.
  • The Grid —The material universe
  • Information —God is in-formation
  • Entropy —Death is entropy
  • Petit Rupture —Defects in the grid which may cause a mystical experience
  • The [Gran] Rupture —In The End shall be The Rupture, when The Grid shall be plunged into Chaos.


In New Life mythology Granddaddy Chaos guards the gate between the realms of Chaos and Information.

The Creation Myth

In the first instant, nothing existed, only the Mist. And from the Mist was born Mother Chaos, and Mother Chaos spoke, and so was created the Word.  But the Word was yet an illusion, without substance. 

Then, in the infinite void, where Time did not yet exist, Mother Chaos slept and she dreamed. And she dreamed all things, and she put them in order, and this order she called the Grid. And the Grid was still but a dream. So upon awakening, Mother Chaos recalled the dream, and she pulled a thread from her gown. And one end of this celestial string she tied to the illusion, and the other end she tied to the dream, so at the bottom of the illusion hung the dream.

Then Mother Chaos spat upon the dream, and the dream became manifest. And so, on the earth, which she had just created, she could now recline, and rest, and admire her creation. And when she had rested, she began to tell the Story, and from the Story was born Time, for a story must move from one moment to another. And so came from the Story all things which move in time. 

But all these fragile things, born to the Dream and to the Story, tied by a string to the Illusion, are destined to recede back into the bosom of Mother Chaos. And this death she called The Entropy, and to this state all Information must return. 

And she gave to each of these things she had created the power to dream dreams of their own. And these dreams are even more fragile than the Dreams of Mother Chaos. And so thus is our gift from Mother Chaos, the gift to dream our dreams and tell our stories, which are tied by a string to the sweet land of our imaginations.

And this we would do well to remember. In the end, when the Gran Rupture returns all of creation to the static timelessness of The Entropy, there will have been the story, but it will be no more.

“But what does this mean?” asked Pox.

It means, my children, tell your story while you can. Tell the story of your world while you have a world

Creed of One branch of The Temple:


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